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Re: Stuffedsuperdud's Zombie Survival Training

Postby stuffedsuperdud » Wed Feb 27, 2013 12:55 am


Beat up by an old man again:
60x3x2, 70x3x2, 80x3x2, 70x3
Power snatch:
40kgx3x2, 50x3, 60x3x2, 40x3x3
56x3x2, 64x3, 72x3x2 (made a mistake and used power clean 1RM instead of clean clean...oops)
Clean pull:
100x3x2, 110x3x2
100x3, 120x3x2, 140x3x2, 120x5
48kgx3x2, 56x3x2, 64x3x2, 56x5

Then I had some trouble at work doing 18 hour days...


Snatch: 40kgx3, 50x3, 60x3x2, 70x3, 75 1, miss miss, 70x3
Power clean + push jerk 3+1: 60kgx3x2, 70x3, 80x3x2, 70x3
Snatch pull: 90kgx3x4
Snatch press: 40kgx4, 45x4, 50x4x2, 45x4


CJ: 65x3x2, 75x3, 85x3x2
Power snatch: 45x3x2, 55x3, 60x3x2
Clean pulls: 110x3x4
Press: 48x4, 56x4, 64x4, 60x4


Below knee hang snatch: 52x3x2, 60x3 70x3x2, 70x1 (hit hit miss, hit miss miss, hit), 60x3x1
PC + PJ: 70x3x2, 75x3, 80x3x2, 70x3
Snatch pull: 90x3, 95x3x3
Sbatch press: 40x4, 45x4, 50x4x2, 45x4
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Re: Stuffedsuperdud's Zombie Survival Training

Postby stuffedsuperdud » Thu Mar 07, 2013 2:49 am


Jerks: tons of triples at 60kg for technique. Trying to eliminate problem of going forward.
Cleans: Up to 86x3x2, down to 75x3
Power snatch: Up to 60kgx3x, down to 55kgx3
Clean pull: Up to 118x3
Squats: Up to 136kgx3x2
Press: Up to 65kgx4


Snatch: Up to 70kgx3x2, then did 80x1 and missed 2 attempts at 90x1
Power clean + push jerk: Up to 75kgx3x2
Snatch press: 40kgx4, 45x4, 50x4
Squats: UGH. Steel 5-2 = test day. I forgot I had this day left, went in hungry and weak. Squat generally detrained.
Got up to 365x1. Put on 385 and got stapled. Didn't get to do 405 as planned. FUCK. Forget it. Going to run another cycle and do it right.
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Re: Stuffedsuperdud's Zombie Survival Training

Postby stuffedsuperdud » Mon Sep 02, 2013 5:22 am

Checking in to announce that I haven't died. I injured my knee trying to save a missed snatch in March, a few days after my last entry here and was down for a long time. This was quite the setback and for a few months I couldn't do anything except rehab work, RDLs, and upper body work, i.e. a bro workout. My physical therapists were great at getting me back on my feet though, albeit with significant muscle atrophy, and I'm back on LP for squats and deadlifts.

Physically this was very disappointing, obviously. My lifts are down and the squat was hit particularly hard. However, mentally this was actually a blessing in disguise. I had been getting a bit tired of training leading up to this, and was in particular bored with being in the gym most evenings while my friends went out and had fun. While I was down though I realized how much fun it is to to be big and strong and in shape. Now that I'm back, I'm looking forward to reaching/beating all my old PRs before the year is out.

At the moment, my #s are:
Press: 152.5x5x3 This is right around my old #s
BP: 210x5x3 Not close to my old 235x5x3, but 1. I switched to a close grip and 2. I hadn't benched in a long time, so this is actually not that bad for me
Squat: 245x5x3. This part fucking sucks but I started at just 45 in July month so I'll take it. Still making 10lb jumps. The left knee is still angry with what happened but nothing I can't work around.
Deadlift: This one I might actually beat my old PRs in a few days. Crazy, huh? Must be all the RDL work I did while I couldn't bend my knee much.
Snatch: Locked out 75kg but got pinned lol wtf. I have trouble standing up with these: partly it's the physical pain and loss of strength, but partly this is how I hurt myself and it's screwing with my head a bit.
CJ: I did 90kg the other day. Obviously standing up from the clean is difficult, but this is a good chance to get better at jerk.
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Re: Stuffedsuperdud's Zombie Survival Training

Postby ChefCavs » Thu Sep 05, 2013 10:01 pm

Welcome Back
"A lie is a lie even if everyone believes it. The truth is the truth even if nobody believes it" - David Stevens
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Re: Stuffedsuperdud's Zombie Survival Training

Postby stuffedsuperdud » Thu Dec 05, 2013 5:59 am

Another quick update:
My sessions these last few months have been a bit disorganized because of my work schedule and because I no longer lift with my old team (tons of changes happened while I was sidelined and now our schedules don't work), but I'm still putting the work in.

Progress/rehab since September:
Snatch: 88kg for a lifetime 1kg PR.
CJ: 105kg. I am determined to add 3kg to this by the end of the year for a 1kg PR and end the disaster that was 2013 on a high note.

Back squat: up to 325x5x3, still on LP with 5lb jumps. I plan to switch to a volume/intensity rotation after a few more jumps, e.g. Steel's stuff or plain old TM.
Front squat: 250x5x3 I'll take it
My knee is holding up okay and barely bothers me these days save the occasional bout of tendonitis / general inflammatory crap. It's good to finally feel like myself again.

Press: Up to 170x3
I switched from LP to a volume/intensity setup a few weeks ago where I do 5x5, a 3x5 recovery day with a different lift (snatch press usually), and an intensity day. I don't remember but I think my old PR was something like 175x1 + it's fun getting compliments about my recent shoulder hypertrophy. GOOD TIMES!
Bench press: Neglected this one to save my shoulders but it's probably hovering around 200 or so for three sets of 5.

Deadlift: Up to 352lbx7 with several reps left in the tank. This might be a rep pr? Not bad for a lift I barely train.
Snatch deads: Something like 250lbx5 with several reps left in tank.

Going ahead, I am going to incorporate a bit more conditioning than I'd like (heh...been slacking). Probably won't go to a full-on LCI type template since I still have to much strength to gain, but I'll probably bring back the barbell complexes and circuits from time to time. I have a few weeks of vacation coming up with no gym access, so that will probably be mostly bodyweight conditioning time.
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Re: Stuffedsuperdud's Zombie Survival Training

Postby stuffedsuperdud » Thu Dec 12, 2013 6:59 am

Another quick check-in, probably 2nd last of the year (before my year in review). Things have been going okay. My knee is almost 100% and life is looking up, both with my lifting and personal/professional life.

My #'s:
Squat: 330x5x3, stalled at 335. This is about where I tend to stick. Last time this happened, I ran Steel's cycle. I think this time around I'll just do vanilla TM.

Press: 170x4. My press-TM experiment is working! I will be chasing 225 for the next several months, I am sure, but am pretty confident about it coming soon.

Bench: Taking a break from this.

Deads: I did something like 352x7 the other day with plenty left in the tank. Hoping to LP this into the 400s and take it from there. It should tie in easily with the TM squats.

Sn/CJ: No change since previously.

Conditioning: This is coming back (prowler in the cold, anyone?). If all goes well, next spring I will be at Navy OCS with a nuclear engineer contract. I will be a bit older than the other candidates and will need to go in in top shape to prevent any freak injuries + I want to prove that not all nerds are chubby wimps. the meantime, I need to get the aerobic/anaerobic lactic work in.
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Re: Stuffedsuperdud's Zombie Survival Training

Postby stuffedsuperdud » Tue Jan 14, 2014 6:30 pm

Hi everyone,
Hit my first CJ PR in 13 months (9 of which was spent rehabbing....) the other day when I put 108kg overhead. Yay me.... 72kg to go before I can consider myself an average lifter.

My program for the next few months is simple. For leg strength, I am doing TM squats (volume, front squat recovery, intensity). I am also pulling, alternating between snatch and clean grip. Sn grip will be recovery while C grip will be on intensity day.

Upper body strength is also done TM style: press volume, bench maintenance / snatch press on recovery day, and press intensity, just like I've been doing at the end of the last year.

My Sn/CJ technique deteriorated a bit last year from me not doing them much so I'll be doing the full lifts 2-3 days a week, with one day of maxing out, and maybe variants in between. Not so different from what Pendlay does.

Let's see if I can snatch 100 and CJ 120+ by summer.

I am also trying to lean out some. I'm not fat, but there's definitely some slop from my recent recovery-LP that I can do away with plus I've been meaning to run and condition more anyway.
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