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Greyskull and DoggCrapp

Postby Vector_300 » Fri Apr 01, 2016 6:00 pm

Hey JP,

I picked up a copy of your "Greyskull Methods for Powerbuilding" ebook to add to the library (GSLP 2nd Edition, Swole, Conditioning Workouts for the Modern Viking, and Beginner's Guide to Anabolic Steroids). Lately I've been in something of a training rut, my numbers are still climbing but the fire isn't burning as hot as usual. So i decided to follow your Powerbuilding guide after reading it cover to cover three times. What I found really interesting, besides being designed for the garage/home gym trainee which I am, was the influences from Dante Trudel's DoggCrapp training. So I also read everything on DC that I could find. I see some similarities between both these methodologies but wanted to know you opinion on the matter. Obviously the A1/B1/A2/B2 (Mon/Wen/Fri) structure plus the general exercise order and rest-pause intensity hack are the big examples but whats your take on his belief in "extreme stretching", "widomakers", and non-lifting day cardio?

In addition I was hoping to bring up my "yoke" even more on this program so I was wondering what else you would suggest for a plug-in(s)? I was going to tack on the Neck Harness for 4x25+ like in GSLP but move it up as the first exercise of the day. In addition I was going to do conditioning the other 2-3 days a week. I know with DC only low-impact cardio is recommend but I'm also not a 285lbs+ beast pressing 405lbs for reps so my recovery may be a little easier, haha.

Current Set-up:
1. Neck Harness 4x25+
2. Flat Bench Press 11-15 RP
3. Seated BTN Press 11-15 RP
4. Front Squat 1x12-20 (act as a Widomaker)
1. Neck Harness 4x25+
2. EZ Drag Curl 15-20 RP
3. Weighted Chin-up 11-15 RP
4. T-Bar Row 2x6-8
1. Neck Harness 4x25+
2. Steep Incline CGBP 15-20 RP
3. Hang Clean & Press 11-15 RP
4. Front Squat 2x6-8
1. Neck Harness 4x25+
2. EZ Curl 15-20 RP
3. Weighted Chin-up (BTN) 11-15 RP
4. Rack Pull 2x6-8

Thanks for any feedback!
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Re: Greyskull and DoggCrapp

Postby johnnypain » Mon Apr 04, 2016 1:40 pm

Yes, Dante has been a huge influence on my methods in the Powerbuilding realm. He's done remarkable things with lifters who were already huge and strong for years. It's also ironic how many people argue with me on the idiotic "intermediate, advanced" classification nonsense due the propaganda put out by others on the matter. As I've written before I believe that dogma to be responsible for more people not progressing, and/or ever and getting big and strong than pretty much anything else short of flat out not showing up to do the work.

If I could contribute one thing to the internet training world it would be to eradicate that bullshit from people's minds once and for all.

DC's relatively simple methods, used by those who would no doubt be considered "advanced" (if Joe garage trainee who has plateaued his press at 145 thinks he's an "intermediate" because one person wrote a verbose text that is presented as the definitive reference years ago that is laughed at by any serious size/strength athlete) are perhaps the best example of why that logic is asinine.

On to your questions:

I like the extreme stretching and have incorporated it to varying degrees in the past. I do not think that most who are tinkering with these types of methods necessarily HAVE to do it, as I think that it is much more applicable to mass monsters whose muscle growth is really testing the elasticity of the fascia. If you want to give it a shot, do so by all means, it certainly will not impede your gains.

The widow maker sets are awesome when done right. Again, I don't think they are by any means necessary for most that I work with, and I prefer to layer in more basic intensity methods first such as pre-exhaust or even simple drop sets in the beginning.

Lastly, work the harness for the next in the manner that you outlined. It will do wonders for your neck measurements if you work it consistently. You can work the harness every day, not just on training days.

As for conditioning, by all means blast away. As you said, you're not a 285lb BB'er, and your goals are different I'm sure. You can certainly reap the rewards of GSPB/DC style strength training while also working your conditioning with great results.
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