Viking Conditioning and GSLP

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Viking Conditioning and GSLP

Postby pakalolo775 » Tue Mar 15, 2016 4:38 pm

Long time lurker, first time poster.

Let me start by saying thank you Mr. Pain for the informative no-bullshit information you provide. Your activeness in this forum is rare and speaks volumes for your 'realness'.

Now, on to the question.

I've been running the LP for a few months and seen the best strength gains of my life. After reading through the first 50 for the modern viking, and checking out the second stage of Gladiator, I want to incorporate some of the methods in to my training. There is no sport or anything behind it, though I do love to play football, but rather just a desire to be able to move my ass around without getting gassed.

Would this be acceptable programming with GSLP?

M: Off
W: 100m Sprints + FM
Fr: Sandbag work from 50 for the modern Viking + FM
Su: 1Mile run + FM.

Is that too much? Should I shift the sprints to Thursday after the deadlift workout? How should I program the conditioning in reltation to the Squat days? (Tuesday and Saturday in my case)

Thank you, and the community, for your help. This place kicks copious amounts of ass and I am glad I made the jump!
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Re: Viking Conditioning and GSLP

Postby johnnypain » Mon Apr 04, 2016 1:57 pm

I apologize for the delayed reply. I'm just getting back to regular forum posting, and will be attempting to get on here each day in the AM for 30-45 min at least.

What you propose looks great. It looks like a recipe for a nasty motherfucker if you ask me. It parallels a lot of what my military programming looks like. I'll be launching a site soon with a daily workout geared towards combat readiness that you might be interested in.

Thanks for coming over, and welcome to the forum.
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