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Postby johnnypain » Wed May 04, 2016 1:11 pm

lewis1809 wrote:Hi JP,
Im just about to start powerbuilding after reading your ebook. Ive just got 2 questions, I believe I've seen you recommend 1x6-8, 1x8-12 for some of the upper body stuff such as benching. Would it be okay to do the backdown set close grip or should i just stick to the format in the book where the second day is chest (tricep focus) and keep both sets in the same rep range? and if i want to add in lateral raises but I don't feel my press is strong enough to use pre exhaust Im guessing i would just do them after pressing for a set or 2?


If you wanted to do lateral raises not as a pre-exhaust, I would recommend doing one set as a superset with your last set of presses.

For the first question, I'd keep the grips the same on all sets, and train the close grip as its own movement.
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