What Greyskull Variant do you run?

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What Greyskull Variant do you run?

Postby BuffDrinkLots » Sat Apr 22, 2017 5:37 pm

Fellow Villains..

I just wanted to start a tread/topic where we could all share the various templates we run. And maybe get some ideas...

As for me:
Bench or Press (alternate) 2x5, 1x5+
Curls 2x10-15 (bench days)
Back Squat 2x5, 1x5+

Bench or Press (alternate) 2×5, 1x 5+
V-handle Pulldowns 2 x 6-8 (press days)
Power Cleans 6x1
Deadlift 1x5+(alternate conventional and sumo week to week)

Bench or Press (alternate) 2x5, 1 x 5+
Curls 2x10-15 (bench days)
Front Squat 2x5, 1x5+***

I also did Chin ups each session -

Basically JP's original program with Front Squats on Fridays. I also alternated conventional and sumo deads week to week; this was an idea I ran by JP before i added it and it did provide a few advantages - additional strength stimuli and it also helped keep things fresh. Same idea with the Front Squats too. This was nothing special or innovative, but damn - it worked. Simple, efficient and effective.
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Re: What Greyskull Variant do you run?

Postby Bruce » Sun Apr 23, 2017 11:24 pm


I was plateaued for a long time and I hit some big PRs running this for a few months. Similar Monday and Wednesday to you but with a Texas method style "intensity day" on Friday. Check my log
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Re: What Greyskull Variant do you run?

Postby SoldierSailorHybrid » Tue May 02, 2017 5:20 pm

In the past (Late 2014 thru November 2015) I ran the Joshie's Limeaide version with Olympic Lifts, Rows, and Front Squats added to the program and got some decent results before switching to Wendler 5/3/1 in November 2015 and being on that since.

Having re-read GSLP's third edition I'm inspired to give a GSLP with rotating lifts another go. 5/3/1 works well for being in a unit that doesn't go into the field for 2x weeks at a stretch (I'm headed to such a unit this summer). My GSLP plan for June this year is as follows:

Day One:

Bench 2x5/1x5+
Power Clean/Power Snatch 5-6 Singles (3 or so being 'heavy' reps)
Snatch Grip Deadlift 1x5+
Kettlebell Swings or Snatches 100 or 150 reps (favoring heavier loadings, and a toss of the coin says whether I do 100 or 150 reps)

Day Two:

Clean and Jerk/Snatch (rotate by week) 5-6 singles (3 or so being 'heavy' reps)
Push Press 2x5/1x5+
Weighted Chins 2x6-8/5x3/5x5/6x1 (rotate sets/reps by week)
Squat 2x5/1x5+
Kettlebell Swings or snatches, same as Day One

I went with a simple little A/B setup for 2x/week. I'll have my kettlebells and bodyweight total work to do out in the field and in garrison too, so that helps. With microloading (for weeks that I don't quite get good sets in) and exercise variant rotations (i.e. 2x resets on a lift equals me rotating another lift in) I should be able to run this quite a while...
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Re: What Greyskull Variant do you run?

Postby Briceps » Thu May 11, 2017 10:00 am

I've been running a twice a week program for awhile. I switched to a 5/3/1 variant but didn't love it so am switching back. Race season for MTBing starts, for me, in about a month so I'm scaling back on the lifting. I'm riding about 4-5 times a week currently and my lifting is:

2 x 5, 5+
2 x 5, 5+
2 x 5 - 8

Th or Fr depending on weekend plans
2 x 5, 5+
DL/Power Cleans*
1 x 5+/5 x 3 or 7 x 2
10 min/3 x 10

*alternate each week between DL + KBS and PCs + RDLs

I think I might switch the Press and BP around so my upper body is a little fresher for weekends which include, typically, lots of shuttle runs on a downhill bike which require my upper body to be pretty fresh, though the BP affects my lower back a little less.
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