StrongFirst Article on FM Pushups

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StrongFirst Article on FM Pushups

Postby SoldierSailorHybrid » Thu Mar 30, 2017 3:13 pm

For many years I've always looked at the commonalities associated with different strength programs as opposed to the differences. I've found that approach suits me well for smashing through barriers.

I recently came across an article on regarding the merits of not sleeping on doing good numbers of pushups (as if we who are influenced by Greyskull ways need that much proof) and couldn't help but remember Greyskull LP's bodyweight layer.

The article is linked here: Strength in Numbers: A Case for Pushup Endurance Training.

For those not tracking, StrongFirst is Pavel Tsatsouline's new strength training venture (begun in 2012) after his split from Dragon Door. In any case I thought I'd share this article before I crank out my next set of pushups...
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