Should we be eating more??

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Should we be eating more??

Postby sam » Sat Feb 25, 2017 6:46 am

Quotes from JP's time doing SS, where it seems he actually gained most of his success from?

The first picture of Rip and I was taken at the end of September. I was at a bodyweight of 175lbs. The second was this past Sunday at a bodyweight of 208lbs.

I began SS as outlined in the book (to a T, no adding or subtracting because I am a special flower and my mom says I am handsome) on October 6. The picture with Coach Burgener was taken on December 7. One day over two months.

Now I am almost embarrassed by the "before" picture. Thanks Rip.

To all of you who lurk this forum and want to get big and strong but don't want to do the milk, it is not going to happen. If you want to "design" a Starting Strength-esque program that fits your individual needs a bit better, don't bother. The man has laid it all out for you. Do the program, drink the milk. It will happen, just be prepared to buy an entire new wardrobe, and to have everyone and their brother accuse you of being on steroids.


Thank you to all for the kind words.

Tiburon, thanks for the plug of the shirts, though the webstore is down and being re-done so if anyone is interested in gear please email me at

Tiburon, you were in Boston? I give up, who are you?

For those inquiring about my lifts....

My work loads (sets of 5 across except PC, sets of 3)


Squat 185
Press 120
Deadlift 255
PC 155
Bench Press 175

Now (with 10 day minor injury recovery)

Squat 265
Press 165
Deadlift 325
PC 200
Bench Press 215

Needless to say I am happy with the progress.

I am still eating 7-8 grand a day, and doing the gallon. About to start a Coconut milk, peanut butter, protein shake around 3 am. Rip wants me up another 20 pounds. I plan on putting that on over the next 8-12 weeks.

I plan on staying on this program virtually unamended for another 9 months. I am going to be competing as an O-lifter in the 105 kilo class. This year is all about raw strength.

BTW Chadula, I am 5'11'' or 6' depending on the tape measure.


Answering all as best as possible:

My Height is 5'11"

Interpret "Go Eat People" as you will. Most of you could probably stand to eat a person or two.

I drank at least one gallon of milk a day for quite some time. Early on that was key, and took me to the 220s. I stripped a bit of fat off back down to 215ish, then came back at it and the milk came back into the picture. Now I honestly don't religiously get a gallon a day in, and am gaining more gradual through training and big eating as always.

Early on I ate everything in sight, this is no exaggeration. 8-10,000 calories a day was norm. Call bullshit on it if you'd like, but I shot for 1000 plus per "meal" and ate 5 or 6 per day on top of 5 quarts of milk normally. Most of the people I've helped gain weight at this point don't realize how pussilly they're actually eating. I still eat quite a bit now, though nowhere near that aggressive on a daily basis.

AC: You are MY hero. I want a coefficient like yours. Seriously, this kid is young and obnoxiously strong. AC if you do gain weight (you could hold 50 lbs easy) you will be a serious competitor. Plus the ladies may like him as much as they like me (hard to believe, I know).

Side Note for AC and Justin, Do I qualify as 70's big yet?

Phillipo, I am happier, there is nothing cooler than being big and strong.

Zarsky: These people aren't quite ready for my dance moves, don't tease them. They can however see them at most any of Rip's Barbell Certs, yet another reason to register for one soon.

The Lifts, here goes.

Started Novice Progression on Squat at 175
Did my work last week with 365
Not sure of a max right now, but over 400 for sure.

Started at 235
Pulled 455 last night on what was to be an opener (1st of 3 for the night) but pulled the plug due to an aggravated biceps tendon that I'm nursing currently. Will definitely hit 5 plus once this thing calms down in a week or two.

Started at 180
Have Hit 305 on three occasions. Haven't hit anything bigger due to aforementioned biceps tendon.
Have also done BW (235) for 14 followed by 225 for the same after 90 seconds rest

Started at 145 I believe
Best to Date 210
Did 185 x 6 last week
Will catch BW soon.

Rip is 100% right. Not talent, far from it. Hard work, in the gym and at the table.

Feel free to PM or hit me on here for anything else. Or if I missed anyone.


So should we all be eating more, a lot more, to get strong as hell? Or is this just a pipedream?

Anyone else thought this? I seem to just be maintaining weight right now.
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Re: Should we be eating more??

Postby Bruce » Sat Feb 25, 2017 11:30 am

Of course, I thought that was a given on this site.

After training for a while you're not going to get stronger without building some muscle. You're not building muscle without gaining weight, and you're not gaining weight without upping the calories. You have a physical job so you'll need even more than some of the rest of us
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Re: Should we be eating more??

Postby sam » Sun Feb 26, 2017 4:10 am

Oh I understand that really. I'm up in weight from last year, and my mate that I havent seen for 6 months just said to me yesterday,

"Sam I swear everytime I see you you're looking more hench!"

Whether it's all muscle or not I'm not so sure haha...

I just meant should we be eating A LOT more. Like more than just a small surplus. JP did the whole GOMAD thing, increased his cals by thousands.. is this just a dreamer bulk and recipe for fatness really unless youre on gear?

I've been listening to a lot of Mark Rip's podcasts lately and it's been getting me thinking!
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Re: Should we be eating more??

Postby Bruce » Sun Feb 26, 2017 7:48 am

I think the 8000-10000 calorie and GOMAD that JP said is too much for most people. Like you said, gear probably changes that but I'm not too familiar with that world. But someone young who's training hard could/should put down 3500-4000 calories a day without getting overly fat. And again you have to take your workday into consideration so that's probably another 500 cals at least

Here's a very good resource for that kind of stuff.

What's "hench" lol? I think I understand the meaning but we either don't use that word in the US or I've aged out of staying current on slang, haha.
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Re: Should we be eating more??

Postby sam » Sun Feb 26, 2017 9:08 am

Yeah Ive read the article before, pretty much says count your cals and some stuff about macros. It's good though!

I think I eat 4000 cals daily probably right now, from the last time I worked it out. May start adding some more to push things further soon.

Hench is like built, bulkier, swole, beefed up etc haha
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Re: Should we be eating more??

Postby Berserker » Sun Feb 26, 2017 3:36 pm

If size and strength are your main goals, calorie intake needs to be high. About 4000-4500 should be about right for your weight. You will gain fat though, there's no avoiding it. As usual it comes down to whether you're happy with your bf%... if it's already too high, adding more will suck.

Having said that, I'm a believer that 4000 clean cals will put on less body fat than 4000 cals from junk food, although the IIFYM crowd disagree.
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