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Sonny's Log

Postby SonnyB » Mon Mar 12, 2012 7:45 am

Starting a log on here to make some accountability on my end.

Goals: Get rid of some lasting belly fat and get to single digit body fat, Squat 300, DL 300, Bench 225 (Longterm lifting), Squat 200, Dl 225 and Bench 185 by the of Middle of April (shortterm lifting)

Sunday March 11, 2012

Walked for 20+ mins, about 1.5 miles with a set of 10 pullups in the middle.
VC #1 Training - Set of 20 burpees, 1.5 mins of rest, Set of 16 burpees. Legs gave out on me more then my conditioning did.

Shake: 2 scoops of Whey and a cup of Almond Milk. Had 5 on this day.
Apple and a Banana
1lb Sea Scallops with Lemon butter sause over baby spinach.
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Re: Sonny's Log

Postby SonnyB » Mon Mar 12, 2012 9:41 pm


Fasted 20+ min walk.

Burpees in the later afternoon because it was beautiful out! 25, 1.5 min of rest, 16 more. Thighs are real tight after doing them. I might have to stretch them or foam roll them first.

I KILLED lifting tonight!
Decline Bench: 95x5x1,115x5x1,135x5x1,167x5x2,167x10x1(PR)
Squat: 115x5x1,135x5x1,155x5x1,170x5x2,170x15(!)x1(PR)

Sweated my ass off today at the gym but really felt good in their. My back didn't feel any pain what so ever squating, unlike the last time I was around this weight! I think part of the reason is that I am not getting as low in the squat as I use to.

Breakfast was ground turkey with peas and rice, going to be some what of a standard from now on.
Shake at noon, Banana and apple at 2:30. Ground turkey and peas for dinner at 6 and then PWO Shake with a Banana and apple.
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3/14 - 3/18

Postby SonnyB » Mon Mar 19, 2012 12:54 pm

Been a crazy week and haven't been keeping up with the log. But I have been lifting and PR's are falling!

Press: 45x5x1, 55x5x1, 65x5x1, 75x5x1, 85x5x2, 85x10x1 (PR)
DL:135x5x1,160x5x1, 185x5x1, 210x7x1 (PR)
Pull down: 130x11x1, 140x9x1
Shrugs: 70x10x1, 70x9x1

Conditioning workout: Set of 13 down to set of 1 of each Box jumps and pushups. Didn't time it this time, but I wasn't as winded as the times before that I have done this workout. I also didn't take as many breaks during. I try to keep it to 2 songs on my iPod as I am doing it.

Decline Bench: 115x5x1, 135x5x1, 160x5x1, 170x5x2, 170x11x1 (PR)
Squats: 135x5x1, 155x5x1, 165x5x1, 175x5x2, 175x12x1(PR)
Shrugs: 75x9x1, 75x10x1(Basically, shrugging my BW at this point!)

Been lacking on my fasted walking and I am breaking that today seeing as I am getting home from work early.
Also today I will be back in the Squat rack to put up 180lbs. Last time I did that, I got 1 rep and tweaked the shit out of my back. Now I am back here and my back is stronger and feels a ton better. I can't wait to hit this and start going into unseen terroritory!
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3/19 - 3/21

Postby SonnyB » Wed Mar 21, 2012 9:57 pm


Monday Lift day - This is the day I have been looking forward to for a long time! When I stopped Squatting because of my back issues, it was on at 180lbs. I got 1 rep... Only 1 when my back failed and I had to give up squatting. This is the day that I racked 180lbs again, with a new mindset and a stronger body thanks to the LP and subbing in Yates Rows and Leg Presses.

Press: 45x5x2, 55x5x2, 65x5x2, 75x5x2, 87x5x2, 87x9x1 (PR)
Squat: 135x5x1, 155x5x1, 165x5x1, 180x5x2, 180x12x1 (PR)
Pulldown: 140x11x1
Shrugs: 75x10x1, 75x9x1

Felt great after that session! Conquered a stumbling block and I am now well on my way to a 200lb squat (short term goal) and then on to 300lb squat (long term goal and twice my BW).


Conditioning Workout

Set of 13 Box Jumps and Pushups down to set of 1


Another lifting session that I was really looking forward to! Deadlift day and I am at another point that I have stalled at in the past, 215lb.

Decline Bench: 115x5x1, 135x5x1, 155x5x1, 172x5x2, 172x9x1 (PR)
DL: 135x5x1, 155x5x1, 185x5x1, 215x10x1 (PR)
Curls: 80x15x2
Shrugs: 75x6x1

Was tired after the DL, so my shrugs suffered but who cares! I crushed a PR and broke down another wall! I did use a sumo grip and it helped a lot, also the guy dling before me brought chalk in so I think I am going to grab a can of that for DL days!
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Postby SonnyB » Sat Mar 31, 2012 4:07 pm

This week has been a little crazy. Got my 3 lift days in but didn't get a chance to update my log. Hit PR's in everything but didn't really write it down, so I'm not going to try to remember it all. Lifted today because I had to skip Friday nights session and had a great one!

Decline Bench: 115x5x1, 135x5x1, 155x5x1, 180x5x2, 180x7x1
Squat: 135x5x1, 155x5x1, 175x5x1, 195x5x2, 195x8x1
Curls: 60x15x2

Conditioning workout after lifting session: 13 box jumps, 13 push ups down to a set of 7 of each. Was trying to get down to sets of 1 but I was way to worn out after lifting...
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Postby SonnyB » Mon Apr 09, 2012 3:52 am

Happy Easter everyone!

I took the week off from lifting because I was really sick.

I got back into the gym late saturday for a quick lifting session but got some great results!

Squat:135x5x1, 160x5x1, 185x5x1, 200x5x1
Decline Bench: 135x5x1, 160x5x1

Hit the 200 lb squat goal I was looking at! Right in the time frame I was looking for it too! Felt great but it was hard to walk up steps afterwards! Bench I took easy... Played 3 hours of softball, the whole time at Shortstop, so my elbow was bugging me a little and my bench suffered, but who cares, I killed squating!
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Postby SonnyB » Tue Apr 10, 2012 6:52 pm

Deadlift day!

Press: 45x5x1, 65x5x1, 85x5x1, 92x5x2, 92x7x1(PR)
DL: 135x5x1, 165x5x1, 190x5x1, 220x10x1 (PR)
Shrugs: 65x8x1, 70x7x1
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Postby SonnyB » Wed Apr 11, 2012 9:02 pm

Decline Bench: 135x5x1, 165x5x1, 175x5x2, 175x7x1
Squat: 135x5x1, 165x5x1, 185x5x1, 205x5x2, 205x8x1

Skipped out on shrugs and curls because I was beat up after squatting... Put everything I had into it and it felt great!
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