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Renatusinlucem Training Log

Postby renatusinlucem » Fri Jan 29, 2016 11:03 am

I am going to run a variation of the LCI method. I plan to use 5/3/1 for strength, front squats on squat days, with pressing, benching, and deadlifting on their respective days. Currently, I am 43, 285lbs, and way too much body fat (~37%).

Current lifts:
FS around 205
DL -- 400
BP -- 275
PP -- 205
BS -- 325
PC -- 210

I am staying away from back squats given some lower back pain as I ramped up to heavier weights a few months ago. Plan to stick with FS and some supplementary posterior chain work to compensate. I also plan to add in FM pushups and pullups, along with working toward VC1. I'll row in the AM since I live in New England and have no desire to walk in freezing temps.

I start Monday, 2/1/16. Diet will be paleo focused with sweet potato as primary carb source post workout, along with dairy.
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Re: Renatusinlucem Training Log

Postby renatusinlucem » Tue Feb 16, 2016 8:48 am

Got off to a late start....began training again yesterday and am doing GSLP instead. Only doing 5s this week, next week I'll do the AMRAP on the final set. Also, I will begin the VC1 next week along with easing into FM pushups and pullups.

Front Squats: 3x5@155
Bench Press: 3x5@205

Superset: RDL 3x5@135 with DB Rows 10@70 per DB.
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