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Postby hawk » Wed May 30, 2012 10:47 pm

Back from vacation. Had a great time, would highly recommend Nicaragua if you are looking for a chilled out, relaxing type of a vacation. I just lushed around and ate. It is an extremely poor country which is pretty different to go to. There is such a family vibe with the locals; they are all about their family. Beautiful to see. With such a poor economy, the family becomes a major focus just because there is less distraction. It was nuts how many fathers i saw with their children and wives. Makes you wonder if all this money stuff is worth it or not.

With training, i started working with Tracy Zimmer aka that beast from Coach Steel's youtube. I originally was looking for diet help but ended up signing on for programing as well. and boy am i scared to death. The training they do up at Penn looks vicious. But workout #1 was finished up tonight and it went well. I think this will be a good fit.

As for the log, i am going to stop posting workouts because 1) i am not sure if Tracy wants all the nuts and bolts to be shown and 2) i will be writing it all down to send to her so doing it twice seems silly. I will probably pop in from time to time with an update or a video.

So i wish any readers the best, and have a great second half to the year!
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